I Might Win a $3K Adventure Trip

My photo, bridge jumping in Montana with some friends.
UPDATE: I won! Thanks for the voting help everyone, this is gonna be awesome!

Sierra Nevada is one of the best breweries on the planet on all kinds of levels beyond their consistently great beer.

The latest example is a contest they have going where they chose twelve people's adventure photos, six of these people who now get the most votes will get $3,000 towards one of many adventure trips. Everest, Kilimanjaro, Galapagos, Patagonia... the list goes on.

And I'm one of the twelve finalists!

So, if you have a second, vote for my photo here and I'll have a shot at this craziness, just go to that link and hit the red vote button. We have until June 12th to keep voting.

Thanks everyone, throw me some votes and I'll let you know if we made it, it'll be nuts if my photo wins!


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