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Friday, May 20, 2016

Sometimes Vegas Won't Let You Leave

Hell, I don't even know if I'm technically allowed in Nevada anymore, but it's hard to say no to a good time.

Anyone who's followed my travels knows at least a piece of my history in Las Vegas. It began with winning hundreds and even thousands at the crap tables, which in turn lead to years worth of comps in the form of free rooms, buffets, money and even tickets to Cirque shows.

Over the years Vegas has been the stage for psychedelic celebrations and blisteringly drunken nights. Unavoidable were new friends, punches thrown, hotel security, money won, money lost, court rooms, hotel rooms, scammers, days without sleep, days without waking, saxophone playing hypnotists and too much chaos to recount.

Now, after a long reprieve, I was heading into the desert's palpitating heart one again. This time I was bringing Marilyn, my lady of the past couple years and travel partner for the better part of the past year. She'd never been to Vegas, but this was about to be one hell of an introduction.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SoCal Wander Hitching Leads to Lake Havasu Magic

Another harvest season was in the books, my pockets were full and more adventures were ahead as always. My next move was to rendezvous with Marilyn around the Bay Area, then continue on towards San Diego for Thanksgiving before blasting off on some yet-to-be-decided journey.

I was still in Chico, I made my way to the highway knowing I had a day or two of hitchhiking ahead of me. At least two days, as I soon found out, I didn't make it all that far on the first day.

Between waking up late, dragging my feet leaving my friends house, walking to the highway, waiting with my thumb out and finally getting just a couple mile ride, I hadn't gone all that far. A local three dollar bus got me down to Oroville where I knew I wouldn't be getting any further in the dark.

Feeling flush from the harvest I sprang for a motel room and took it easy for the night. In the morning I was getting ready to go, but then got some news I had to contemplate.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harvesting Weed, Hops and Emotions

Over the years traveling I've picked up various odd jobs, like helping in breweries or pretending to be a ski instructor, but the most money that's come my way has come from the California marijuana harvest.

I kinda got sick of standard jobs living in New York, it's part of why I started traveling. There were no jobs in that town anyway, not unless you wanted to work forty hours a week.

After another good year (2014) of travels, Beer Camp release parties and traveling with Marilyn I was ready for harvest once again. I flew from Atlanta to Sacramento, a speedy alternative to my default of hitchhiking.

I'd been traveling with Marilyn and she convinced me to head to South Carolina to join in on her parents vacation, the plane ticket was so I could get back to California in time. While I was at the harvest Marilyn would be out and about doing her own thing around the country.

Even a day of flying isn't without hitchhiking, though, not this time. I hopped off the plane at the Sacramento Airport and walked down to the freeway, I still had to get myself up to Chico. I caught my first ride from a Jehovah's witness driving a taxi, that was a short free ride over to the 99 freeway.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Myrtle Beach Parents before Hitching and Flying Away

The last time I'd met her parents was over a year ago preceding our first summer trip together. It hadn't gone well.

Not knowing anything about hitchhiking other than chainsaws and certain abductions, they approached me as irresponsible at best, and most likely as a devilish, daughter-murdering fiend.

Marilyn assured me that after the first three month journey ended without death and instead beautiful pictures and her accounts of life changing bliss, they'd perhaps come around. So, after some bribery and other convincing, I'd agreed to hitch across the country to Myrtle Beach and meet them for the second time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hitchhiking to South Carolina from Michigan

We waited out the rain for a little bit, sipping coffee with a couple we'd only met the night before in a brewery that decided to put us up for the night. They'd floated the Mississippi river together and knew the power of travel magic, they were happy to dish it out and Marilyn and I all too happy to receive it, the rain emphasized our luck to woken up indoors.

Our mission now was South Carolina where we'd be joining her parents for a hit of luxury and familiarity on their vacation. The other time I'd met them hadn't been so joyous, with me being the hitchhiker dragging their daughter to certain death and all, so hopefully this would be a little more cheery.

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