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Friday, April 17, 2015

Custom Travel Notebook with Hidden Compartment

I got the idea to make a notebook with a hidden compartment for my phone after an experience getting mugged down in Peru. The guys had gone through my things and chose what they wanted, but had my phone been in some carved out pages in my notebook then perhaps they would have overlooked it.

First I started looking for a notebook, one that was only barely bigger than my phone to keep it small. I couldn't find exactly what I needed, so I remembered a friend who had mentioned building his own books and got some advice.

Between him and some Google searches I had a plan. I could sew together my own notebook, exactly the size I needed, and build it in such a way that the first set of pages would not only still be usable for notes, but also relatively easy to take out and replace without replacing the whole notebook.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Frozen in Time, Writing in Michigan

For years I've been traveling and for just as long people have periodically said, "Are you writing all of this down, you should write a book!". Well, I've written a fair amount here on this blog, despite getting behind, but I finally thought I might as well give it a shot and just over a year ago I took advantage of a great opportunity to get started on a potential "book".

A friend that I'd initially met in Las Vegas had since bought a house in Lansing, Michigan he was fixing up, he'd be leaving it empty for a month while he had a job in New York, he was happy to have me "house sit" and I saw it as a chance to isolate myself in the dead of winter with no distractions, not even the thought of stepping outside unless absolutely needed.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chaining Dollar Buses From NYC to Indy

"Sir!", some police officer shouted at me from far down the echoing subway chamber, but I wasn't in the mood. It was an early morning after some long and packed days in New York City, it sounded like he wanted to search my backpack for whatever reason, I slipped down the steps and on to a well timed train, out of each other's lives.

I emerged in Manhattan, marching west towards the first of a series of buses I'd chained together for practically nothing, just a few dollars actually, Mega Bus which I've used before. New York to DC, DC to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Cleveland, Cleveland to Chicago and finally Chicago to Indianapolis. It wasn't direct, but for around five bucks I couldn't complain, especially in the dead of winter with hitchhiking as my alternative.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

School Bus Sparks Crossing of Country and into New Year 2014

Beer Camp had done a number on me, it took a couple days more in Chico before I was ready to hit the road. One morning I finally started hoofing it through town, passing a construction riddled highway entrance in favor of the next one. A girl in a minivan took me a couple exits, from there I hitched a ride from a guy going to Concow, another short ride came after that and then a guy heading to downtown Sacramento.

I walked around downtown for a bit contemplating my options. My goal for Christmas was to see family in New York and Connecticut, I still had a bit more than two weeks to get over there and planned to pay Marilyn a visit on route in Indiana.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Multitool Toothbrush Pen Scissors Corkscrew Bottle Opener Screwdriver

For a while I've had a big burly pocket knife with all sorts of bells and whistles, most of which I didn't use. I was able to attach my toothbrush and spork to it, which was pretty cool, but the time came where I wanted to not only slim things down, but also rid myself of a blade so I don't have to pay to check my bag the few times I go hopping on an airplane, it's not worth the excessive amount of money and hassle, especially for how little I actually need the blade.

So here's the new little guy. I got myself a victorinox jetsetter, one of their tiniest offerings that also is purposely bladeless. I can attach my toothbrush to the bottle opener with a piece of siphoning tube as I did on my last one and the spork attaches to the scissors nicely.

I noticed that some of their other knives included a retractable pen, which seemed much more useful than the toothpick that came with mine. That's when I found SAKModder.com, a guy makes pretty cool custom knives so I emailed him for advice, he happened to every extra scales (handles) from some other same sized knives that had the pen in it. He sent me some, I popped off the lame toothpick and popped in the pen, good to go.

No more bulky knife, no more standalone pen, I threw on a keychain corkscrew and all is well. Always fun trimming some excess.

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