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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Road Lead Us To Durango and Colorado Mountains

My friend gave Marilyn and I a ride to the main road, leaving Grand Rapids, Michigan and back to our path towards Southern California. Any which route would do, we still had two weeks until my brother's wedding north of San Diego.

Our first ride came from a cage fighter excited about his first pro fight. He was conveniently passing by Munster, Indiana, home of Three Floyds Brewery where Marilyn and I happily popped into to sample some of their delicious brews.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Hitching Through Vermont, New York to Michigan

Marilyn and I awoke on the Burlington beach and got ourselves together, ready to keep heading west. Before hitching our first ride we paused at the Magic Hat Brewery to sample a few beers and poke around, then we were walking down the road until we could get to a hitchable spot.

One guy yielded to our thumbs and drove us out into the countryside, then a suspender-wearing guy picked us up telling us about a veggie-powered bus he'd rode around on with his band, he got us into New York. After pausing for a snack we got our next ride from a gorgeous islander girl on her way to Lake Placid.

Monday, March 3, 2014

A new show for travelers: Rambling Hitchhikers

Rambling Hitchhikers is a show where I'll interview travelers and gather several up to talk about hitchhiking and other travel topics.

In the first episode I talked with Michele and Richelle about gender differences while hitchhiking. The audio is pretty funky at points, this being our first episode, but if you get past that you may find some useful info. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hitching From Canadian Border Across Maine to Burlington

After being turned down at the Canadian border we were set to hitch west through Maine towards Burlington, eventually on towards California.

We regrouped and had our thumbs back to the road, quickly catching a ride out of town to the next junction where we waited for the next ride to come along. The rain came first, dropping buckets on us in a hurry, but that's when Dale picked us up.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marilyn Adventure Begins In Maine With Canadian Border Denial

Marilyn and I hopped off the bus in Portland, Maine to mark the true beginning of our summer adventure. We'd spent the last week together in New York, Connecticut and Boston, but that was all about catching up with family for the most part. Now we were off and into it, hopping off the only bus we'd take all summer, we'd be relying on our thumbs and smiles to gain transportation from this point on.

We also had no current notion as to where we were spending the night, this night or the next handful. Our only guidelines were simple: we had to make California in about a month for my brother's wedding, we wanted to head up to Nova Scotia and the Prince Edward Islands in Canada for starters, and in between it was fairly wide open with only scattered ideas of "if we're close to this place we should see this person or thing", otherwise it was up to the road.

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