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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hitchhiking to South Carolina from Michigan

We waited out the rain for a little bit, sipping coffee with a couple we'd only met the night before in a brewery that decided to put us up for the night. They'd floated the Mississippi river together and knew the power of travel magic, they were happy to dish it out and Marilyn and I all too happy to receive it, the rain emphasized our luck to woken up indoors.

Our mission now was South Carolina where we'd be joining her parents for a hit of luxury and familiarity on their vacation. The other time I'd met them hadn't been so joyous, with me being the hitchhiker dragging their daughter to certain death and all, so hopefully this would be a little more cheery.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thumbs Up to Generosity Hitchhiking in the Midwest

Travel magic is all too common on the road, not to be taken for granted, but an ever present possibility arising in forms of unexpected places to stay, bites to eat, rides and unthinkable adventures.

Perhaps one of the more impactful of these forms of magic is the place to stay for the night. It saves either the money for the hotel or the time and occasional restlessness of finding a stealth place to camp, which in a city can be an especially amplified chore. Of course there's sometimes fringe benefits besides just a good night's sleep, like often getting a shower or a bite to eat, but the greatest aspect is the feeling of trust and getting to experience an unexpected person's life for a short time.

Couchsurfing.com, where you can organize such experiences, obviously shares a lot of this magic. This story, however, highlights the brand of travel magic that I live for, the kind that's kept me on the road all these years craving more, the spontaneous magic between a trusting, generous person and the receptive traveler in the right place at the right time. Along with Marilyn, we were about to experience four nights in a row across the Midwest that would highlight exactly how these sorts of things happen.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hitchhiking from California to the Midwest

Marilyn and I packed up from a few days on the river at the Hitch Gathering, now hiking up to the road to get moving again. Our idea now was eastbound, places like Jackson Hole, Wisconsin, Michigan and ultimately South Carolina.

We chained together a whole lot of short rides that day. First in a pickup truck, then a few miles from a metal worker, another guy just a little ways, a gold mining guy who got us to a camping area and then a ride from a woman who was indeed camping around there, then a gold miner to Downeville where we paused just to get a snack.

Another prospector picked us up there, down the road he had an RV parked and we helped him out by driving his car behind him while he scooped that up and got it all to his property nearby. A camp counselor girl gave us the next ride, then a bike shop owner heading to Truckee got us to the next junction.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hitchhiking to the 2014 North American Hitch Gathering

I went to the first annual North American Hitch Gathering in 2010, there was a grand total of four of who went camping in the woods just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Nothing like the European gatherings which boasted numbers around a hundred or more, but this year, 2014, was supposed to have a little better of a turn out.

A week or so before that was set to kick off, near Yuba City, I was already in California just coming off a few days of hiking a trail into Yosemite with Marilyn.

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