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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Solo Hitchhiking to Wyoming then West to Oregon

My next destination was one of my favorites, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To make things more interesting, my mom would be moving there soon from Connecticut, which would make Wyoming all the more magnetic in the future.

This trip starts in Boise, Idaho, however. Marilyn had just flown to the Midwest for a wedding, leaving me with a few weeks to travel on my own and get to California to reunite with her later. Jackson seemed like a good detour before heading back west.

My friend in Boise dropped me off by the interstate in the morning, I got right on the freeway and started walking, thumbing, looking for that first ride of the day.
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hitchhiking to Idaho After Beer Camp Adventures

We hitched our first ride nearly instantly, it wasn't going far, but it was going south. Marilyn and I had woken up in Bellingham that morning, a fellow beer camper had put us up for the night, he'd been the last stop on the beer tour we'd concocted which had us hitchhiking up and down the west coast the past couple months.

All together we'd been back traveling together since March when we left her home in Indiana, now home was different every night. This coming night we were aiming to be in Leavenworth, a little town in the center of Washington I'd stumbled upon a couple years back, beyond that we had to get Marilyn to Boise to catch a flight.

Our second ride of the day came quickly as well, an older couple, then a third ride that barely went far at all, but we were off the interstate now and on the little highway heading inland.

A yellow jeep pulled off into the shoulder of the road, we ran up to it to see the window crack down just a couple inches on the passenger side. There was a young guy in a suit behind the wheel, eighteen years old, give-or-take.

"Where's your car?", he asked softly.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hack for REI Universal Adapter Plug Kit

This is a simple hack to make a universal adapter about as small as possible. I used the REI Universal Adapter Plug Kit and using just a screwdriver stripped it down to it's basic parts needed to actually adapt power universally. Pretty simple, but the result is less bulk to carry.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Backpack That Turns Into a Tent - The Freestyle BivyPack

Anyone I've met over the years or has followed this blog knows I've long dreamed of a backpack that turns into a tent. Well, it's finally happening.

A while back I met James Rittwage, an avid hiker and obsessive creator of ultralight hiking equipment. Like everyone I've met over the years, especially those into hiking, travel and gear, I told him about my idea of combining my backpack and bivy sack (small tent). It seemed like an obvious way to save weight and add convenience.

It seems I finally told the right person about this idea, he not only loved it, but also had the knowledge of ultralight fabrics along with the skill to bring the idea to life. So, since January of 2015 we've been prototyping and iterating on the idea, I've been traveling with our different versions of the pack since then across the US, South America and Europe.

We've now dialed it in enough to share it with the world, so we launched a Kickstarter to get the funding and make it happen. Go ahead and check it out!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Beer Camp Release Party Adventure

The first glimpse of Ryeway 117 came in Berkeley when I popped into Sierra Nevada's Torpedo Room for some beer tastings. Myself and fellow Beer Campers had brewed the Ryeway back in December at the brewery. This being April, we were all anxious to finally get the beer into our glasses. Now I was about to embark on a huge adventure to drink as much of it as possible, racking up hundreds of miles hitchhiking and good times along the way.

Our camp counselors had remained quiet and vague so far on the exact release dates of our beer. Now, unexpectedly, I was being shown a printed sheet showing off the Ryeway, complete with a logo and description. The release was imminent, and I was ready for it.

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