The BivyPack is back!

The Freestyle BivyPack is back on Kickstarter, check it out and grab one for yourself until March 22.

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The Freestyle BivyPack is Back

Anyone who's met me in the past decade has probably heard me talk about my idea to combine a backpack and bivy tent; anyone who's …

Taking a Lap Around Scotland

My ~$10 Ryanair flight from Dublin to Glasgow was as fast and easy as it was cheap, in no time I was outside the airport with my thumb out…

Donegal Party and the Final Flannery Pub

I hiked back down from the clouds to the muddy base of Mount Errigal, once back on the road I hitched some four separate rides to get myse…

Hitchhiking to Donegal and Northern Ireland

It was lightly raining as I walked down the road away from the farm, turning towards cars as they passed showing them my thumb in hopes of…

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