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Monday, February 23, 2015

Hobo Goes To Beer Camp

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, something I heard about passing through Chico, a name I'd seen branded on delicious bottles of beer - something I'd finally get to experience first hand.

From what I understood Beer Camp was a two or three day experience at their brewery in Chico where a group of campers would get a sort of tour on steroids, drink heaps of delicious beer and ultimately brew a beer of their choosing right there in the brewery, all expenses paid to get there, stay there and enjoy the delicious food and brews they had.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

From Indiana To The California Harvest Season

Marilyn and I had just spent the summer traveling together, her introduction to my brand of freestyle travel and a break from a her life as a nurse in Indiana, a life she would now be returning to.

I had some time before the harvest in California, the time of year where I usually find a way to get some dollars to use towards the rest of the year's beers, meals and other such expenses, so in the meantime I wound up spending about a couple weeks in Indiana with Marilyn as she eased back into her old routine.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wrapping Up The Trip With Marilyn

Hitchhiking from California to Indiana in ten days isn't much of an issue. Handily done, with or without the understanding of just how many seemingly random or even chaotic acts of generosity need to occur along the way. Ten days is cake for this task, but for Marilyn and I this was the last ten days, at least for this great adventure together. We weren't just trying to get to Indiana either, hardly. Not "ten days to get there", but "ten days left".

We spent a San Francisco morning waking ourselves up, then heading from my friend's house out into the day, a series of walking and public transit ventures got us to the south side of the Golden Gate bridge ready to catch a ride north.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Last California Leg of the Marilyn Adventure

Writing has been put on the back burner for the last while, but it's about time I continue to catch up before memories fade. As it stands I'm a year behind anyways, so let's jump back to August, 2013.

I'd spent the last couple months or so traveling around the US and a piece of Mexico with Marilyn, a girl I'd met a year earlier. She'd taken a leave of absence from her Indiana nursing job for the summer to come out adventuring. With three weeks until she needed to be back, we found ourselves in Portland, Oregon about to thumb our way south to California for one last spin through.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Boise, Bend and Beer as Usual

We got an early start leaving Jackson Hole, my family dropped us off just before the pass where a lady heading to Victor soon yielded to our thumbs. Boise was our destination, we were off to a fast start.

Next a couple picked us up heading clear to Idaho Falls, a guy from the Army to Blackfoot was next, then we rode in the back of a pickup truck to the next junction where we got the golden ride, a woman road tripping with her kids who'd be heading right through Boise.

Marilyn took over driving the last leg of the trip, a grateful woman relaxed, enjoying a break from being behind the wheel. Soon enough we were hopping out in downtown Boise, immediately making our way to 10 Barrel Brewing where we pulled up a stool and began sipping beers as we contemplated where we might sleep that night.

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