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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pack Prototype and Last Blast of the USA

A bus rolled me on down from DC to South Carolina, 2am to 6am I spent in a diner clinging to awakedness, then finally a connecting bus rolled me into Augusta, Georgia.

There's not a great many reasons for Augusta outside of a big golf scene, but like many pseudo-cities in the US a population promotes more population, fast food and franchises loom, people are born and home is home. Some people stay because it's what they know, other claim to hate it, but secretly fear the unknowns of moving more. Others surely escape, perhaps moving to the same city with a different name elsewhere, others truly finding their path and moving on.

Beyond the unprovoked judgement of an entire city, there I was, and like many times in generic populations I was there for the electricity of specific people rather than some momentous geographic or mass-curated cultural experience.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NYC Ramblings and a Last Hurrah with my Eponym

I hopped off a bus in a sun rising Chinatown less than a week into 2015 after having spent the eve in Indiana with Marilyn, this was my first time stepping on the New York streets in a year or so. The idea was to get my kicks as normal, meanwhile a month's out plan for South America by way of cheap Florida airline tickets with Marilyn was in the works.

This breeze through New York would be a bit chaotic than normal in terms of sleeping every night. Friends from before were scattering as significant others morphed, ideas of moving had risen and generally times were changing. I stayed with one great old friend in Queens for the first couple nights, mixing in some beers and solo wanders around Manhattan between linking up with other friends.

I stayed with another friend a night beyond that along with his girlfriend and her family, but had to be up and out early leaving me absolutely zonked after the long great night. At one point I hopped on the N train just to sleep my way down to Coney Island and slingshot back all the way to Astoria where I met up with a fling from precisely a year prior.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hitchhiking from Wyoming to Indiana For NYE 2015

After spending Christmas with my family in Wyoming, Marilyn and I were getting back on the road, eastbound for New Years. I was considering heading through to NYC on my own for the eve, but she was convincing me to pause with her in Indiana, she'd succeed in this.

First, though, the road between.

My mom gave us a ride just outside of Jackson to get started, specifically to Hoback Junction, the world covered in snow around us. We didn't have to wait for the cold to get to us, as we stuck out our thumbs and quickly yielded ourselves a ride from a beer distributor, although at the moment he was with his chill dog heading to Denver for a concert. Some six hours of conversation later we were in Laramie where he'd be turning south to Denver.

Darkness, it comes all too soon in the winter, shaving some four or five hours off the usable amount of hitchhiking time as compared to undying days of summer, where everything feels closer and movers are on the move. Not this night, though, instead we were in a dark and cold Laramie, all this while still full of energy after an easy one-ride day coming off a relaxing week in Jackson.

The solution: a brewery. A shining beacon of warmth, a place for contemplation, a breeding ground of travel magic, a place to tickle taste buds that trigger inspiration. A place to get buzzed in the middle of a Wyoming winter, anyway.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Might Win a $3K Adventure Trip

My photo, bridge jumping in Montana with some friends.
UPDATE: I won! Thanks for the voting help everyone, this is gonna be awesome!

Sierra Nevada is one of the best breweries on the planet on all kinds of levels beyond their consistently great beer.

The latest example is a contest they have going where they chose twelve people's adventure photos, six of these people who now get the most votes will get $3,000 towards one of many adventure trips. Everest, Kilimanjaro, Galapagos, Patagonia... the list goes on.

And I'm one of the twelve finalists!

So, if you have a second, vote for my photo here and I'll have a shot at this craziness, just go to that link and hit the red vote button. We have until June 12th to keep voting.

Thanks everyone, throw me some votes and I'll let you know if we made it, it'll be nuts if my photo wins!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hitchhiking Dressed as Santa and an Elf

We had a thousand mile journey ahead of us for the upcoming Christmas holiday, myself dressed like Santa, Marilyn as an elf; Jackson Hole, Wyoming was our destination, Albuquerque our starting point and hitchhiking as our method of transportation.

A couple road tripping friends dropped us off on the outskirts of the city after having spent a couple days together. We were feeling jolly, my smiled showed only through my eyes with the rest of my face covered in the white, dollar store beard. We'd scrambled together all the red and green gear we could at thrift stores and the like, we were sure this would make the trip up to Wyoming a little more fun.

Our first ride came from a a guy in the cannabis industry, but only a few miles up the road. Next a car dealer rode us all the way up to Santa Fe, snapping a picture of us for his family to see later. A family gave us a short ride north of town after that, and there we waited for quite a while.

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