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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Out of Tucson and Short Visit to SoCal

After a half day and then a full day of getting no rides out of Tucson, we were under a third sun hoping things would turn around for us. No longer shooting for Phoenix like we had been, we now were keen to get directly to California, my sister was planning on driving up to Wyoming with a friend and we wanted to catch that ride with her.

Sure enough, an eighteen wheeler came rolling to a stand still, we kicked up dust running up to it and climbing in, he was Phoenix bound. We rode just as far as a truck stop near the Interstate 8 junction, then got ourselves onto the freeway, walking towards the junction to catch the westbound traffic.

A couple of self proclaimed gypsies pulled over before we'd quite made the junction, but they were Phoenix bound as well, all the same we welcomed the good energy coming our way.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hitting a Hitchhiking Wall in Tucson After Mexico Trip

Our time in San Carlos was relaxing, now we were aiming ourselves back to California. My sister was driving from Hollywood to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we wanted to catch the ride.

One quick meal before we were out the door, then quickly hitched our first ride into town from a vacationing family from Juarez on their way to breakfast. In town we hitched our second ride from a guy who owned a restaurant in town, he drove us to the main road to get us on our way. There we got a ride in the back of an enclosed pickup truck, a friendly group who gave us some juice to sip on for the hot ride up to Hermosillo.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hitchhiking Maps Videos

I love Google Maps, it's true. There's many reasons why, but one thing I use it for a lot is to aid my hitchhiking, whether it's choosing a route, changing my route or finding out if there's a place I can camp nearby.

So, I figured out a way to record myself using maps while explaining the various ways I use them to enhance my hitchhiking experience. I've quickly already whipped up four videos, seen below, and plan to do some more.

The videos I've done so far include finding a good initial spot to hitchhike, finding stealth camping, understanding different kinds of roads in terms of where it's ok to walk and lastly one about hitchhiking from Los Angeles to New York City.

I'll do some more on particular routes to explaining the average time it takes and what you could possibly run into along the way. Hitchhiking is unpredictable at times, though, so don't just take it from me, go hitching!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hitchhiking to San Carlos for a Boat and Relaxation

Mexico was now on our minds, waking up in the rare hotel room there in Southern California. A friend I'd met in Utah some years back turned me on to a boat down in San Carlos, a trimaran that was being treated as a nomad base with hopes of becoming a floating hostel, this was enough motivation for us to go seek it out.

A girl I hadn't seen since high school and mainly middle school lived nearby, she came and picked us up so we could go grab a bite and catch up on the years gone by. We eventually landed at a taco spot by the ocean, her talking about her photography, me about my travels, both about the people we mutually remembered.

After this visit back in time she dropped Marilyn and I off at White Labs, a little further south and our last known stop in California. White Labs produces yeast for a huge amount of homebrewers and commercial breweries, this was their taproom of sorts, a beer geek's dream. They'd brew a single batch of beer and then separate it into several fermentation vessels with different yeast strains, once complete people like myself could come in and taste the differences back to back via sampler glasses.

Monday, June 30, 2014

A California Wedding and a Toothache

There's a sense of completion when you hit the coast, it's the end of a thought, the start of the next one. Marilyn and I reached that thought only a day before my brother's Southern Californian wedding, having been watching the Atlantic splash onto Maine shorres only weeks prior.

We'd made most of our miles based on our smiles and thumbs, ride after ride, a mile here, a thousand miles there, visiting friends and making new ones as we carved our uncertain path towards a definitive destination.

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